Summer 2012 Graduate Courses

Summer session is a great way to move forward in your degree program.  Enrolling in summer classes also helps to stabilize department offerings, which can really benefit students who need to take a class.

We have a number of offerings in our different concentrations that either meet requirements or can serve as electives.  I will list them according the concentrations that are most likely to use them, but keep in mind that you might be able to use courses from other areas as electives if it they fit your overall curricular plan (talk to your advisor/major professor about that).

RSM:  Sport Management &/or Therapeutic Rec

RSM 508 Research Methods
Dr. Sylvia Trendafilova
First Session
M-F, 1:30-3:00 pm
Required for Sport Management

RSM 521 Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
Dr. Gene Hayes
First Session
MW, 1:30-4:45 pm
Required for Therapeutic Recreation

RSM 555 Facility Planning and Development
Dr. Steven Waller
Mini Term
M-F, 8-Noon
Elective for RSM

RSM 570 Event Management
Dr. Rob Hardin
First Session
M-F, 9:45-11:15
RSM or KNS elective

KNS:  Sport Psychology & Motor Behavior

KNS 595 Special Topics: Readings in Sport Psychology & Motor Behavior
Dr. Jeff Fairbrother
First Session
TR, 1-4:45 pm
Elective for Sport Psychology & Motor Behavior & other KNS concentrations

KNS 633 Advanced Sport Psychology
Dr. Joe Whitney
First Session
MW, 5-8:30 pm
Fulfills “choose one” requirement for Sport Psychology & Motor Behavior

KNS:  Exercise Physiology &/or Biomechanics

KNS 480 Physiology of Exercise (must enroll for graduate credit; see instructor 1st)
Dr. Dixie Thompson
First Session
M-F, 10:30-12:45
Elective for KNS (if taken for grad credit)


About Jeffrey T. Fairbrother, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor; Director of Motor Behavior Laboratory; Department Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies
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