2014 Graduate Student Research Colloquium

Dear Graduate Students,

Please consider submitting your work to the upcoming Graduate Student Research Colloquium in our College. It is an excellent opportunity to present your research. Please contact your major professor/advisor to receive more guidance.

You can do this! Don’t hesitate!

2014 Graduate Student Research Colloquium 

The Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board will be hosting this year’s Graduate Student Research Colloquium on Friday, March 7th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  The colloquium provides graduate students with an opportunity to present their research in a conference setting.  Students receive feedback from faculty and other graduate students in attendance and have an opportunity to practice their presentation skills. Being selected to take part in the Graduate Student Research Colloquium makes a wonderful entry in students’ resumes’.  All graduate students in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences are invited to submit abstracts to be considered for oral presentations and poster sessions at this year’s colloquium.

Abstract submissions need to be for original research being conducted in conjunction with graduate studies.  A maximum of 2 submissions may be made per student.

Members of the Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board will be responsible for a “blind-review” of abstract submissions for the Spring Research Colloquium.  One outstanding abstract from each of the eight academic departments in the College Education, Health, and Human Sciences will be selected for an oral presentation.  Students selected to make oral presentations will receive a $500 professional development award from the Dean.*   Additional abstracts will be selected for the two poster sessions which will be held during the research colloquium.

Abstracts need to include:

1.      Student’s name

2.      Student’s academic department

3.      Student’s UTK email address

4.      Title of research project

5.      Purpose (i.e. class project, IRB approved research project, etc.)

Abstracts should be a maximum of 350 words, double spaced, size 12 font and should be submitted as a PDF or Word document.

Abstracts must be submitted to cehhsgrad@utk.edu by 5:00 PM on Friday, February 7, 2014.

For more information visit http://web.utk.edu/~cehhsgra/

(*If more than one author is on an abstract selected for an oral presentation, the award will be divided equally among the authors.)

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