Endnote can help with your citations and references

Need help with your citations and references? Tired of your profs getting on your case because of APA “stuff”? Endnote can be a help. Basically, it is a database that keeps track of your bibliography and intersects with MS Word and Apple’s Pages. It doesn’t do all the work for you—for example, you still have to do some editing of entries you download to the database—but it can be very useful. UTK provides the software for free and offers training. See the message below:

Want to get control of your citations? Consider attending a hands-on class to learn how to use EndNote, a citation management tool. The following introductory EndNote classes are open to UT students, faculty, and staff.

Tuesday, Feb. 11, or Thursday, March 13
3:30-5:00 p.m.

211 Hodges Library

To register, send choice of date to endnote@utk.edu.

Discover how you can capture and organize citations from database searches, attach full-text PDFs, and insert citations formatted in the style of your choice into Microsoft Word documents.

Some instruction is helpful to master EndNote basic features. More help is available in our library research guide (http://libguides.utk.edu/endnote) and through webinars (http://endnote.com/training).

EndNote is free to students, faculty, and staff. Download EndNote at http://libguides.utk.edu/endnote.

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